Update Test #1

This test verifies your handling of adding a link when updating a post. You will pass this test when you both re-send a Webmention to a previously mentioned URL, as well as send a Webmention to a new URL that appears in the post.

  1. Write a post that links to this page, and send Webmentions for your post.
    Verify you see your post as "pending" on this page.
  2. Update your post to include a link to https://webmention.rocks/update/1/part/2, and send a Webmention to the new URL.
  3. Send a Webmention to the original URL as well. (The order of these is not significant.)
  4. You should see your post listed here in the green "Successful Tests" section when complete.

In Progress

The mentions below are in progress, and have not yet completed the test. They will be deleted if they are not completed within 10 minutes of first posting.

Successful Tests

The mentions below have successfully passed the test!

Responses are stored for 48 hours and may be deleted after that time.